Animal companions in the Metaverse

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Join the world's first truly social AR experience! 
Our virtual animal companions are embodied in augmented reality, but they come alive in the real world, when they are loved.
Play, train, and form lasting relationships with a wide range of digital creatures, and share the adventure with your friends in real time!

Built to be loved

We're creating a world populated by virtual life forms that are matterless, yet real.
Adopt digital lifeforms with unique personalities, traits, and quirks.
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Real Identity
Real Location
Real-time Interaction

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Interact in Augmented Reality
The Matterless app is built on the Aukiverse, the nascent AR metaverse developed by Auki Labs.

This allows the AR experiences inside Matterless to be instantly and effortlessly shared between participants in real-time, allowing the world’s first social AR experiences.
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Is Matterless for you?

We believe that our virtual animal companions will be loved by both adults and children alike – but we don’t love the idea of selling children in-app currency or showing them ads.

Matterless is pioneering exciting new business models to drive engagement across all demographics without sacrificing enjoyment or engaging predatory practices. Stay tuned to learn more!
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