Core Features

Raise, train, and play with your personal metaverse companion.
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Training & Tricks
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Spirits & Bodies
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Save to Play
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Raise a Companion

Teach your companion to trust you and to do cool tricks that you can show your friends!

To enforce the behavior you wish your pet to learn you reward it with fruit, an in-app currency that can be both bought and earned.

Just like with a real pet, teaching your metaverse companion to sit from scratch is a challenging and time-consuming but fun task that involves spending time with your companion and rewarding it for good behavior.

Companions that know cool tricks are rare and valuable, and new potential owners can see how much time, effort and money has gone into training it.
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Each companion contains a unique digital spirit, with its own personality and set of traits. As you spend time training your companion, its personality will develop. Some spirits are shy, others are gregarious, some are playful, others like to sleep, some are obedient, some are rebellious.

By interacting with and training your companion its personality will develop over time, potentially increasing its value to yourself or others.

Companion spirits are not embodied by default, and you can always choose to house your spirit in a new body. When a spirit is transferred to a new body it retains its personality, experience and traits.


Bodies and Shells

Bodies are available in both common, rare and unique formats, and are either procedurally generated or handcrafted by a designer.

Dozens of different animal types will be supported, and will be behaviorally cross-compatible. If you’ve taught your companion to sit in a wolf body, it will also know to sit if you turn it into a racoon.

The bodies have customizable features, bone length and body mass, allowing us to randomly generate unique variants at a low cost.

The bodies are animated, rigged, and interact with the world around it and other pets.


Tend to your garden

We hope that our virtual animal companions will be loved by both parents and children – but we don’t love the idea of selling children in-app currency or showing them ads.

The matterless universe and its inhabitants are made up of metamass, the crystalized residue of all our digital transactions. By distributing metamass and planting it in real-world locations you attract wild matterless animals, and grow fruits that you can use to train your companions. The more metamass you hold, the more powerful bonuses you unlock - and thanks to blockchain technology you can even sell your excess metamass on secondary markets if you're no longer using it!
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Shared AR Experience

The Matterless app is built on the Aukiverse, the nascent AR metaverse developed by Auki Labs.

This allows the AR experiences inside Matterless to be instantly and effortlessly shared between participants in real-time, allowing the world’s first social AR experiences.

This is a new and powerful path of discovery. Show and tell!


Some bodies have rare genetic traits that make your pet more interesting and valuable. Matterless will allow you to team up with other users to selectively breed for traits that you find desirable.

When two compatible bodies are made to breed they will generate a number of random offspring, and you and the other user can each choose only one to keep.

The lineage and digital blood line for each body is stored and visible to other users to help determine its rarity and price.


Toys & Games


Just like you, your metaverse companion needs to stretch its legs to stay healthy. Explore the world with your pet to stay healthy together and earn rewards.

Want to spoil your companion or reward it for good behavior? A wide variety of toys, games and accessories will be available for you to personalize your metaverse experience.

Our Community

Join the Matterless Community, get to know the project from inside.

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