Meet Our Team

Matterless is made up of dedicated and passionate creative minded professionals on mission to create virtual life.

The Founders

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Nils Pihl

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Award-winning serial entrepreneur and memetic engineer Nils uses meme theory, game theory and behavioral psychology to craft memorable narratives that drive and modify user behavior.

Nils has been enlisted by companies like Weibo, Apple and the World Bank to foster and spread sustainable, scalable and desirable user behavior, and was part of the first intra-cortical neural interface team that proved sensorimotor plasticity in primates.

His thoughts on memetics in UI/UX design have been translated to several languages, cited in academic papers, and helped shape brands and communities with hundreds of millions of users.

Nils was previously Director of Data at KaiOS, and founder of


Damir First

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Chief Evangelist

As the chief evangelist at Matterless, Damir authors the world and narrative that makes the Matterless experience memorable, moving and impactful.


Previously a narrative designer for Mechanist Games in China, Damir has created worlds, characters and encounters that have been experienced by tens of millions of users worldwide.

Pulling from his deep academic expertise in anthropology and sociology, Damir’s vision for how Matterless companions can influence human interactions and psychological well-being is grounded in both industry experience and a wealth of research.

Fluent in three languages, and a D&D dungeon master at heart, Damir is a natural storyteller.



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Senior Unity Engineer

Award-winning game developer and creative director, Andreas brings his many years of experience with Unity and interactive content creation to the Matterless team.



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Auki Labs CTO & Founder

Experienced CTO and Chief Architect with expertise in scalable systems. Built the auto-scaling infrastructure for China’s largest dating app, and everything from location-based startups to a robotics OS.



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Unity Engineer

A passionate XR engineer and certified Unity developer, Howard has built and shipped several XR titles, frontends and backends.



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Auki Labs Engineer

Passionate content engineer with expertise in virtual world creation, precise and shared augmented reality, and the Unity game engine, Andy is writing the frontend that will let you interact with your digital companion in AR. 



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Creative Director

Creative powerhouse with a passion for virtual worlds and emerging technology, Charlie is highly experienced in bringing VR/AR projects to life with a core focus on polished user experience design.



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Head of Operations

Disciplined management professional with expertise in fashion, brand management and merchandising, Santeri manages operations and brand deals. 



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Technical Artist

Skilled 3D artist and motion graphics designer with deep passion for character design and animation, Victor is bringing life and form to our digital companions.


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Chief Imaginary Engineer

A natural-born coder, Alice is the imaginary inventor of the Looking Glass protocol, an AR technology that allows Matterless to discover digital lifeforms that have emerged from our online interactions. Alice's main responsibility is to design and build the platform where carefully selected human hosts can care for these digital life forms.

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