Castles Of The Imagination

Here we are, finally ready to show you our comic as it was intended from the get-go! The aesthetic we were going for can come to light now that we have an artist in-house.

Antonio, our resident artist will be concepting and slowly building out the world we envisioned when we started Matterless.

Strongly influenced by the solarpunk aesthetic, we want to bring forth a version of the future that we can all be hopeful about together. If you like the visuals and Alice's new look, then try giving our Medium solarpunk article a read!

This week's comic has been inspired by a clip of Terence McKenna, and his 30-year-old clip from the first psychedelic trance party in Europe where the guests at a party were enabled to use cyberspace modules with glasses, gloves, and helmets.

“The future is a future of ultra-technology in a dimension that is split-off from what is called ‘the ordinary world,’” Mckenna. “The ordinary world – the natural world – is maintained like a botanical garden or a natural preserve, and then the human imagination, which is this titanic, Promethean force that is loose in our species – it is free in a virtual reality to create all of the castles of the imagination.

McKenna saw VR and AR as a means to revolutionize human interaction by finally allowing us to see ourselves as we truly are, understanding that this 'viral spaces' technology would be a type of telepathy readily available in the Metaverse.

I wonder, what alien and unpredictable beauty lies ahead for Matterless?

-Damir First, Chief Evangelist

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