Late for Work

So far we got to hang out with one of our protagonists, Alice, up close and personal. Alice is the inventor of the Looking Glass protocol that we here at Matterless use to embody our digital companions in augmented reality. Alice is a coder, developer, and animal lover, just like us!

As she heads out for work at Kratid Industries, we get to expand our lens of her world, and the city she lives in. The places she traverses are inspired by so many imaginary and real cities we've loved and visited throughout the years, in the flesh and in our imaginations - Zootopia, Hong Kong, San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6' Shanghai, Zagreb, and many more... We have artists working in the UK, Malta, Honduras, so you're sure to see a melting pot of cultural and architectural influences as we expand the world where the story of Alice and her friends takes place.

Today, Alice hops on a cable car to reach her company at Carson square, named after Rachel Carson, America's once bestselling science writer and a former marine biologist. In Silent Spring, published in 1962, Carson argued that humankind was fatally tampering with nature by its reckless misuse of chemical pesticides, particularly the all-present new wonder chemical DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane). Writing in a language that everyone could understand and using the public's knowledge of atomic fallout as a reference point, Carson described how chlorinated hydrocarbons and organic phosphorus insecticides silently alter the cellular processes of plants, animals, and possibly humans.

Silent Spring was a HUGE hit. Ten years later, DDT was banned in the US. Today, the use of DDT has been banned in 35 countries and severely restricted in 34 other countries.

Think on that - what a well-presented, well-spread meme of environmental awareness can do.

-Damir First, Matterless Chief Evangelist

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